Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The World is Awakening.

Consciousness is awakening people throughout the world, for we are in a time of immense changes on Earth. Beginning to realise that all people and life itself is essentially ONE is fundamental to understanding the process that we are undergoing.
The Oneness of being allows us to perceive the interconnectedness of all life. Not just human life, but ALL life.

When we leave behind our connection to the material world and the limited identity of a material self, we enter a new phase of life experience. We enter the eternal present. We understand that our perception is correlative to experience and understanding, but that all experience is unlimited. That each one of us has everything we need to move our consciousness.

Simplicity is the key, for what complicates and obstructs our purest existence is identification with the body and the mind. When we move into that profundity we all may share, then all previous ties become dissolved and yet we remain unified with all existence. We see that ALL IS ONE. You are a reflection of me and I a reflection of you. That we are all aspects of the same source of creation.

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