Monday, October 29, 2007


This world means little to me
For I have seen Babylon
In the midst of another beautiful day
Was my mind set free to the beyond

A collection of souls living harmony's way
Nestled in the love of the One
I saw all this with my own two eyes
The day that I saw Babylon

Deep in the heart of miraculous joy
I wandered amidst the ineffable
Beloved children of eternity's way
Offspring of the unforgettable

Travelled afar the Sirian star
Awakening all to become
The light of the mind unveiled the divine
The day that I saw Babylon

J.M.Harrison (c) 2007.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Third "I".

As there are three parts that combine to give a whole human being (body, mind and spirit) there are three corresponding layers of the self or ego that provide us with differing perceptions of consciousness. They may be explained as the following;

The Insignificant Self: The first "I".

This is the "I" that we have grown up as understanding to be our true self. In fact it is the lowest vibration we can reveal of ourselves, the reality of which is based upon the fractionate state and of being separate, for it seeks to validate its own worth by distancing itself from others, seeing that someone else is better or worse, richer or poorer, pretty or ugly, more intelligent or plain stupid and so on. Constantly judging the value of itself and others by appearance or description and not by sense or feeling, it provides a distorted reality that has no long term significance, which is why it may be called the insignificant self.

The Significant Self: The second "I".

This is the "I" that has found some experience feeling the connections that exist between all things. By reaching a recognition or having indications of your true self, you have begun to awaken the real you, started a journey destined towards the revealing of the true self. Very often this is something we touch upon by what we perceive as fate or accidents. In reality it is an opportunity that presents itself to partake in life at a deeper, more subtle level. We experience the aspects of the significant self through the higher or metasenses, those feelings that take us beyond that which is recognised by the ordinary senses of the body. The process of life provides an unlimited number of these opportunities to allow us to experience this such as falling in love, the birth of our children, even chronic illness or the loss of those close to us. Through these or similarly powerful eventualities we may begin to feel that there is something more to existence, a certain hidden something that we were previously unable to perceive, for they provide gateways to sensing an underlying intelligence behind all existence.

The True Self:
The third "I".

The irony of the third "I" is that it cannot be separate, so therefore it cannot be "I" in the normal sense of the word. It is more like "We" or "Us", but even they do not provide a fullness of the understanding. It just is. It is inclusive existence no longer separated by the individual boundaries sustained by the previous forms of self. This is where there is no separation between the self and all existence, for what you are is existence, your understanding no longer "my awareness" but awareness herself. That everything that was, is or will be is one, for there is no distance between them, they are combined in a oneness that is the eternity of now. Things are just not simply feeling or seeming like they are interconnected, for they are one, all life perceived and lived through one unitive consciousness. This is the awakening of you true self into presence. You are whole, you are complete, you are one.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Into the Pure 'Ness'.

The suffix -ness refers to a quality state or condition of that which it is aligned with. In this case the ness is that quality or aspect exuded from presence, the expression revealed from being in the now.

When we are most present, we are most conscious. No longer aware but aware-ness herself. We become the quality that is directly derived from the state. We are complete. Existing in whole-ness, and no longer perceiving reality purely from the physical or mental states, we experience the presence of being rather than the thoughts and feelings of our minds and bodies. Identification with form ceases and we become awakened to the finer form of consciousness.

Lose your 'self' to find yourself. And when you find yourself, you will find all others. You will still be you, yet you will no longer see things from the perspective of the 'I', for you will become we. For we is the spiritual condition for the mind that transcends all realms of being. When we forget our spiritual nature, we may return to the vibration of it by remembering that WE ARE ALL ONE which in turn permits us to recall and reaffirm that reality.

So what is it that allows us to forget or ignore our ability to manifest our expression of ness ? The answer is ... us. If we hold ourselves back, deny it's existence, resist it or confuse what it is, then the mind has pulled us back down into the realm of objective thought. To stay with presence is to be present. To hold the moment, not dwelling on past or future, but to recognise the now, expressed through the ness. The now is presence. This is what you are. The eternal you that transcends ordinary thought and touches truth.

When we are present, we see that what we really are is consciousness. What we align the body & mind with is what dictates the consciousness we allow ourselves to utilise, and therefore what our connection to presence is. How we treat and maintain the body & mind elements of our being is the deciding factor of our reality. This is the spiritual meaning of purity. To not allow the possibility of dysfunctional being. To not abuse ourselves or others physically, mentally or emotionally. When we learn to do this, we have learned to remove the self placed obstructions to finding our true selves. The resounding consciousness of truth becomes apparent, for truth is not only an answering tool, but a quality of being. When truth becomes a quality of our being, we enable the recognition of its existence or its dissolution. The same knowing applies to all qualities or attributes, for we are able to perceive their reality or their lacking. All except one. That one is called God-ness. For every single part of existence is an expression of 'God' in some form. We might not be aware of it, but we are not always aware of what we are. This unified state of consciousness reveals a most humbling thought; that the 'God' found within you exists everywhere else.

The Mind of 'I'.

The mind of 'I' is the resulting action of the ego that considers the individual self as being the most. The most important, the most right, the most intelligent, the most gifted. It is from this fractionate state of being that mankind has created and continues to create wars, illness, separation and religious differences.

If we as human beings want to evolve on from the mind of 'I', then we need to open ourselves to the spiritual reality of oneness and to recognise that we are all one. That the same atoms that merge to create you, create everything and everybody else. The vast majority of what we are is space. All space is filled by one interconnected consciousness that we become aware of when most awakened to the state of presence.

So let's try and forget the 'I' and move on to the 'We', for this description is most accurate when reflecting our sacred nature. For when we no longer allow separation from each other because of our bodies and our minds, the resulting state or condition is a spiritual one. The spiritual state in its most present reality is one of total unification, for the purest quality of spirit discerns no difference in the animate or the inanimate. Time and space become inconsequential, seeking and discerning truth the navigation system of the mind.

When most present, we see that 'you' and 'I' are truly one. 'I' is no longer of importance because for its very existence it requires separation from an inclusive state, for the spiritual state above all is an inclusive state of oneness and presence that cannot be divided.

All life is an expression of presence.
All presence is an expression of 'God'.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Most Beautiful Experience.

The single most fulfilling and rewarding experience we can have in this life may be gained by entering our highest states of consciousness. This elevation of the mind facilitates the ability to awaken ourselves to our true divine nature, allowing our greatest understanding of what we fully are to come into action in the physical world. This experience is a complete and wholesome experience, for it does not lack input from, or provision for, any area of our being. Our body, our mind of emotion and our mental framework all become unified with our spiritual nature, yielding a unified one. In this state we can experience the greatest wonders of our potential.

Residing in this state, we are drawn to wholeness and to well being. The well being of all people and indeed of all life becomes our natural empathy. We no longer arrive at choices governed by the individual mind and emotion but via a pure instinct to share Oneness, to help all forms of life because we understand that they are interconnected with ourselves. In fact in many ways we no longer perceive differences in each other, for we have awakened to the spiritual reality where we are all one. We have entered a natural flow of higher instinct that enables a true reflection of our being to establish its presence.

When the objective mind is surpassed, we enter a miraculous world. A world where healing another being can be instantaneous, where our new senses suggest a different reality of human existence. This is because all the normally separate aspects of our being have become unified, and in becoming unified we now have all these aspects and qualities at our immediate disposal. We are a fully functioning body, mind and spirit. Everything becomes fully automatic because all needs are seen and met. Understanding, then entering and holding this state is the next evolutionary step for humanity. For if we can achieve this, then the wars of the world will have finished for good, illness will become understood and eventually overcome, and life and death will be seen as what they are, an amazing continuous incredible adventure.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Seeds of Oneness.

Oneness is a state, quality or condition that we can all awaken to. It is not some rare ability or some 'commodity' that can be bestowed or sold on by a special chosen few. We are able to accept or provide guidance for each other, but the possibility of the realisation of this state exists for all. Nobody but ourselves can give ourselves Oneness for it is a seed that resides within. Once we discover it, our deepening awareness of it will correspond to how we nurture that seed. How we subsequently choose to look after it or whether we neglect it. The blossoming of consciousness arrives as a direct result of what we have allowed to rule and guide us. Our thoughts, words and deeds will provide the fullest evidence of that focus we have applied to our lives, for what we choose, we become.

If we want to realise more Oneness then we can no longer think of ourselves as separate beings, for the essence of Oneness is being and residing in the One consciousness. When we have let go of the old redundant self and the corresponding limited empirical mind, we can then open up to new beginnings. For we are that new beginning and it is only the tiresome wanting to hold onto the illusions of self and matter that slows us on our journey.

When we choose Oneness, she welcomes her into her home like a long lost friend. When we ignore her, we cannot understand what is missing in our lives. We attempt to fill the emptiness with things that will inevitably decay or that temporarily relieve our inner suffering. Yet we must seek the cause in order to establish the true cure.

We cannot become whole until we take care of all of the parts of our being; our bodies, minds and our spirits. Our consciousness or connection to spirit resides within the field of vibration that we sustain through choice. Having this freewill of choice means that we have the ability to discern what we become or what we feed the seed of our consciousness with. Imagine consciousness to be like a seed you plant at home in a small flowerpot. If you constantly neglect it, put it in the dark, take little or no care of it, forget to water, it will lead a stunted and difficult pattern of growth, maybe become diseased and not reach the natural potential that it has. But if we visit that seed daily, and it is placed under the right conditions required for growth, by supplying the needs or requirements of that plant we will eventually witness the blossomed beauty of the flower in all its glory. So it is with consciousness. It is our freewill that decides what we feed our seed of consciousness with. Love or hate, I or We; these and many other choices become recognisable in our daily lives.

Taking the road to the unitive life of Oneness requires the dissolution of all previous understanding of self that we have gained over our lifetimes. We are brought up understanding that I am this, or that you are that, my name is this, I was born then, my job is this, my degree was attained at such and such university etc.... but all this goes. It does not go completely from memory, but it fades from the focus of your mind because it becomes irrelevant, it resides with the old self.

Many people will hold back from entering the eternal now of Oneness because it denies the security of themselves that they have spent years accumulating. For when we enter we see that all those matters we once presumed to be so important and with which we aligned our identity, no longer matter at all. For the world of matter is ironic for it does not matter at all.

Experiences we gain in this lifetime on Earth, allow us to move forward and evolve. Only when we display competence in our ability to best nurture our true selves can we then contemplate another existence. For then the blossomed flower recognises the seed and the seed recognises the blossomed flower.

The Blessed Opportunity of Humanity.

The potential for human beings to evolve at this time is enormous, for as we move deeper into an understanding of the source of our being, we approach a time that corresponds with the quickening of the evolutionary cycle. This speeding up allows for the present rapid growth in awareness of individual, group and mass consciousness.

Unlike all other forms of life on Earth, humanity is blessed with the chance to discern the truths of being, to grasp the knowledge of the individual parts that make us whole and to develop each part to its fullest possibility. We are not bodies, for we are also minds full of thoughts and emotions, and should we able to allow it, we may become one with the stream of universal consciousness that radiates from the Source of All Being. At some point in our evolutionary cycle, we will all realise this state of being. Some have already, many more are about to, and eventually this elevation in consciousness will occur in all, for the benefit of all life in the Universe.

The transformational change to Oneness is possible because the miracle of you is possible. The joy of life lies before you, the incredible wonders of nature are there to inspire you, the sacred possibilities of consciousness can not only take you away from the separation created by your body and mind, but may replace what previously existed there with a fullness of higher being that transforms yourself and others, creating a better world for our children and our children's children.

The World is Awakening.

Consciousness is awakening people throughout the world, for we are in a time of immense changes on Earth. Beginning to realise that all people and life itself is essentially ONE is fundamental to understanding the process that we are undergoing.
The Oneness of being allows us to perceive the interconnectedness of all life. Not just human life, but ALL life.

When we leave behind our connection to the material world and the limited identity of a material self, we enter a new phase of life experience. We enter the eternal present. We understand that our perception is correlative to experience and understanding, but that all experience is unlimited. That each one of us has everything we need to move our consciousness.

Simplicity is the key, for what complicates and obstructs our purest existence is identification with the body and the mind. When we move into that profundity we all may share, then all previous ties become dissolved and yet we remain unified with all existence. We see that ALL IS ONE. You are a reflection of me and I a reflection of you. That we are all aspects of the same source of creation.