Monday, October 22, 2007

The Third "I".

As there are three parts that combine to give a whole human being (body, mind and spirit) there are three corresponding layers of the self or ego that provide us with differing perceptions of consciousness. They may be explained as the following;

The Insignificant Self: The first "I".

This is the "I" that we have grown up as understanding to be our true self. In fact it is the lowest vibration we can reveal of ourselves, the reality of which is based upon the fractionate state and of being separate, for it seeks to validate its own worth by distancing itself from others, seeing that someone else is better or worse, richer or poorer, pretty or ugly, more intelligent or plain stupid and so on. Constantly judging the value of itself and others by appearance or description and not by sense or feeling, it provides a distorted reality that has no long term significance, which is why it may be called the insignificant self.

The Significant Self: The second "I".

This is the "I" that has found some experience feeling the connections that exist between all things. By reaching a recognition or having indications of your true self, you have begun to awaken the real you, started a journey destined towards the revealing of the true self. Very often this is something we touch upon by what we perceive as fate or accidents. In reality it is an opportunity that presents itself to partake in life at a deeper, more subtle level. We experience the aspects of the significant self through the higher or metasenses, those feelings that take us beyond that which is recognised by the ordinary senses of the body. The process of life provides an unlimited number of these opportunities to allow us to experience this such as falling in love, the birth of our children, even chronic illness or the loss of those close to us. Through these or similarly powerful eventualities we may begin to feel that there is something more to existence, a certain hidden something that we were previously unable to perceive, for they provide gateways to sensing an underlying intelligence behind all existence.

The True Self:
The third "I".

The irony of the third "I" is that it cannot be separate, so therefore it cannot be "I" in the normal sense of the word. It is more like "We" or "Us", but even they do not provide a fullness of the understanding. It just is. It is inclusive existence no longer separated by the individual boundaries sustained by the previous forms of self. This is where there is no separation between the self and all existence, for what you are is existence, your understanding no longer "my awareness" but awareness herself. That everything that was, is or will be is one, for there is no distance between them, they are combined in a oneness that is the eternity of now. Things are just not simply feeling or seeming like they are interconnected, for they are one, all life perceived and lived through one unitive consciousness. This is the awakening of you true self into presence. You are whole, you are complete, you are one.

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