Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Seeds of Oneness.

Oneness is a state, quality or condition that we can all awaken to. It is not some rare ability or some 'commodity' that can be bestowed or sold on by a special chosen few. We are able to accept or provide guidance for each other, but the possibility of the realisation of this state exists for all. Nobody but ourselves can give ourselves Oneness for it is a seed that resides within. Once we discover it, our deepening awareness of it will correspond to how we nurture that seed. How we subsequently choose to look after it or whether we neglect it. The blossoming of consciousness arrives as a direct result of what we have allowed to rule and guide us. Our thoughts, words and deeds will provide the fullest evidence of that focus we have applied to our lives, for what we choose, we become.

If we want to realise more Oneness then we can no longer think of ourselves as separate beings, for the essence of Oneness is being and residing in the One consciousness. When we have let go of the old redundant self and the corresponding limited empirical mind, we can then open up to new beginnings. For we are that new beginning and it is only the tiresome wanting to hold onto the illusions of self and matter that slows us on our journey.

When we choose Oneness, she welcomes her into her home like a long lost friend. When we ignore her, we cannot understand what is missing in our lives. We attempt to fill the emptiness with things that will inevitably decay or that temporarily relieve our inner suffering. Yet we must seek the cause in order to establish the true cure.

We cannot become whole until we take care of all of the parts of our being; our bodies, minds and our spirits. Our consciousness or connection to spirit resides within the field of vibration that we sustain through choice. Having this freewill of choice means that we have the ability to discern what we become or what we feed the seed of our consciousness with. Imagine consciousness to be like a seed you plant at home in a small flowerpot. If you constantly neglect it, put it in the dark, take little or no care of it, forget to water, it will lead a stunted and difficult pattern of growth, maybe become diseased and not reach the natural potential that it has. But if we visit that seed daily, and it is placed under the right conditions required for growth, by supplying the needs or requirements of that plant we will eventually witness the blossomed beauty of the flower in all its glory. So it is with consciousness. It is our freewill that decides what we feed our seed of consciousness with. Love or hate, I or We; these and many other choices become recognisable in our daily lives.

Taking the road to the unitive life of Oneness requires the dissolution of all previous understanding of self that we have gained over our lifetimes. We are brought up understanding that I am this, or that you are that, my name is this, I was born then, my job is this, my degree was attained at such and such university etc.... but all this goes. It does not go completely from memory, but it fades from the focus of your mind because it becomes irrelevant, it resides with the old self.

Many people will hold back from entering the eternal now of Oneness because it denies the security of themselves that they have spent years accumulating. For when we enter we see that all those matters we once presumed to be so important and with which we aligned our identity, no longer matter at all. For the world of matter is ironic for it does not matter at all.

Experiences we gain in this lifetime on Earth, allow us to move forward and evolve. Only when we display competence in our ability to best nurture our true selves can we then contemplate another existence. For then the blossomed flower recognises the seed and the seed recognises the blossomed flower.