Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Blessed Opportunity of Humanity.

The potential for human beings to evolve at this time is enormous, for as we move deeper into an understanding of the source of our being, we approach a time that corresponds with the quickening of the evolutionary cycle. This speeding up allows for the present rapid growth in awareness of individual, group and mass consciousness.

Unlike all other forms of life on Earth, humanity is blessed with the chance to discern the truths of being, to grasp the knowledge of the individual parts that make us whole and to develop each part to its fullest possibility. We are not bodies, for we are also minds full of thoughts and emotions, and should we able to allow it, we may become one with the stream of universal consciousness that radiates from the Source of All Being. At some point in our evolutionary cycle, we will all realise this state of being. Some have already, many more are about to, and eventually this elevation in consciousness will occur in all, for the benefit of all life in the Universe.

The transformational change to Oneness is possible because the miracle of you is possible. The joy of life lies before you, the incredible wonders of nature are there to inspire you, the sacred possibilities of consciousness can not only take you away from the separation created by your body and mind, but may replace what previously existed there with a fullness of higher being that transforms yourself and others, creating a better world for our children and our children's children.

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