Monday, October 8, 2007

Into the Pure 'Ness'.

The suffix -ness refers to a quality state or condition of that which it is aligned with. In this case the ness is that quality or aspect exuded from presence, the expression revealed from being in the now.

When we are most present, we are most conscious. No longer aware but aware-ness herself. We become the quality that is directly derived from the state. We are complete. Existing in whole-ness, and no longer perceiving reality purely from the physical or mental states, we experience the presence of being rather than the thoughts and feelings of our minds and bodies. Identification with form ceases and we become awakened to the finer form of consciousness.

Lose your 'self' to find yourself. And when you find yourself, you will find all others. You will still be you, yet you will no longer see things from the perspective of the 'I', for you will become we. For we is the spiritual condition for the mind that transcends all realms of being. When we forget our spiritual nature, we may return to the vibration of it by remembering that WE ARE ALL ONE which in turn permits us to recall and reaffirm that reality.

So what is it that allows us to forget or ignore our ability to manifest our expression of ness ? The answer is ... us. If we hold ourselves back, deny it's existence, resist it or confuse what it is, then the mind has pulled us back down into the realm of objective thought. To stay with presence is to be present. To hold the moment, not dwelling on past or future, but to recognise the now, expressed through the ness. The now is presence. This is what you are. The eternal you that transcends ordinary thought and touches truth.

When we are present, we see that what we really are is consciousness. What we align the body & mind with is what dictates the consciousness we allow ourselves to utilise, and therefore what our connection to presence is. How we treat and maintain the body & mind elements of our being is the deciding factor of our reality. This is the spiritual meaning of purity. To not allow the possibility of dysfunctional being. To not abuse ourselves or others physically, mentally or emotionally. When we learn to do this, we have learned to remove the self placed obstructions to finding our true selves. The resounding consciousness of truth becomes apparent, for truth is not only an answering tool, but a quality of being. When truth becomes a quality of our being, we enable the recognition of its existence or its dissolution. The same knowing applies to all qualities or attributes, for we are able to perceive their reality or their lacking. All except one. That one is called God-ness. For every single part of existence is an expression of 'God' in some form. We might not be aware of it, but we are not always aware of what we are. This unified state of consciousness reveals a most humbling thought; that the 'God' found within you exists everywhere else.

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