Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Most Beautiful Experience.

The single most fulfilling and rewarding experience we can have in this life may be gained by entering our highest states of consciousness. This elevation of the mind facilitates the ability to awaken ourselves to our true divine nature, allowing our greatest understanding of what we fully are to come into action in the physical world. This experience is a complete and wholesome experience, for it does not lack input from, or provision for, any area of our being. Our body, our mind of emotion and our mental framework all become unified with our spiritual nature, yielding a unified one. In this state we can experience the greatest wonders of our potential.

Residing in this state, we are drawn to wholeness and to well being. The well being of all people and indeed of all life becomes our natural empathy. We no longer arrive at choices governed by the individual mind and emotion but via a pure instinct to share Oneness, to help all forms of life because we understand that they are interconnected with ourselves. In fact in many ways we no longer perceive differences in each other, for we have awakened to the spiritual reality where we are all one. We have entered a natural flow of higher instinct that enables a true reflection of our being to establish its presence.

When the objective mind is surpassed, we enter a miraculous world. A world where healing another being can be instantaneous, where our new senses suggest a different reality of human existence. This is because all the normally separate aspects of our being have become unified, and in becoming unified we now have all these aspects and qualities at our immediate disposal. We are a fully functioning body, mind and spirit. Everything becomes fully automatic because all needs are seen and met. Understanding, then entering and holding this state is the next evolutionary step for humanity. For if we can achieve this, then the wars of the world will have finished for good, illness will become understood and eventually overcome, and life and death will be seen as what they are, an amazing continuous incredible adventure.

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