Monday, October 8, 2007

The Mind of 'I'.

The mind of 'I' is the resulting action of the ego that considers the individual self as being the most. The most important, the most right, the most intelligent, the most gifted. It is from this fractionate state of being that mankind has created and continues to create wars, illness, separation and religious differences.

If we as human beings want to evolve on from the mind of 'I', then we need to open ourselves to the spiritual reality of oneness and to recognise that we are all one. That the same atoms that merge to create you, create everything and everybody else. The vast majority of what we are is space. All space is filled by one interconnected consciousness that we become aware of when most awakened to the state of presence.

So let's try and forget the 'I' and move on to the 'We', for this description is most accurate when reflecting our sacred nature. For when we no longer allow separation from each other because of our bodies and our minds, the resulting state or condition is a spiritual one. The spiritual state in its most present reality is one of total unification, for the purest quality of spirit discerns no difference in the animate or the inanimate. Time and space become inconsequential, seeking and discerning truth the navigation system of the mind.

When most present, we see that 'you' and 'I' are truly one. 'I' is no longer of importance because for its very existence it requires separation from an inclusive state, for the spiritual state above all is an inclusive state of oneness and presence that cannot be divided.

All life is an expression of presence.
All presence is an expression of 'God'.

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