Saturday, November 10, 2007


Who is blind ...

The man who stumbles in the ditch

Or he who does not see?

Who is deaf ...

One who cannot hear a word

Or he whose ears are closed to peace?

Who is dumb ...

The man who cannot speak his name

Or one with too much to say?

Who is weak ...

He who cannot lift a weight

Or one who lies always?

Who is free ...

The man who was a slave

Or one not wrapped in doubt?

What is life ...

The soul that lies within

Or the man perceived without?

What is joy...

The smile upon a face

Or a feeling sensed from the heart?

What is truth...

The judgement of the 'right'

Or wisdom that will last?

What is light ...

The sun up in the sky

Or awakening at hand?

What is God ...

A way of difference

Or of unifying man?

(c) J.M.Harrison 2007

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