Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Throughout the ages the seemingly endless search for human beings has been to attempt to answer the question " Who am I?". The traditional religious masters view on this describes it as the I AM or source consciousness, the stillness within.

The absolute truth can equally be understood as the consciousness which reveals that I AM NOT for the real essence of your being is consciousness (or spirit) and therefore what you truly are is formlessness, yet at the same time completely whole. Surrendering your identity you will lead you to an awareness where all is one, seeing through the transparency of the world of matter into a new complete state of being that contains all consciousness. It is not a separate consciousness from what we understood previously, but now a whole awareness rather than a partial perception of reality. It is full-on reality in it's unabridged stunning truth.

If we were to question this state of consciousness, the conversation might go something like this;

What is it that you really want?

I want for nothing, but am present in all.

If you could have anything, what would that be?

To accept the truth that we can never really ‘have’ anything.

If you had all the money in the world, what would it mean to you?

Money in itself has no meaning; the use of it is the lesson.

What is the secret of life?

There is no secret, accept that which is your true self.

And what is your true self?

The true self is an aspect of 'God'.

So you are saying that we are 'God'?

We are all aspects of God, for we are a part of that whole which constitutes God.
When we walk with God, we express that consciousness.

And how can we find this 'God' ?

By baring yourself, by laying open all the thoughts, words and deeds that have accompanied you on your travels. Cleaning the slate of life so to speak.

So we have done wrong ?

There is no wrong or right, merely a question of letting go and growing up, allowing the true expression of your soul into the world.

How do we know that you are telling the truth ?

That is for you to discern as you will. If you have to discern it, you are in the process of finding it. We must recognise in order to realise.

And what do you recognise ?

That we are all reflections of one another, part of the same oneness that constitutes life. Together we are capable of changing the world we inhabit.

What's wrong with the world then ?

The world was created as one face of expression, just as you were created as another face of expression. When you constantly take from one source without replenishing that which you have taken, there is only one outcome and that is devastation.

Is climate change a part of that devastation ?

We cannot separate the devastation created by war and the chaos of climate change created by man, for they are both methods of abuse. When we constantly abuse something, the abuser will get away with it until the day that the abused party says ‘ No more’. Then a re- balancing needs to occur. What is happening to the Earth is also happening within the consciousness of her inhabitants, for at an indefinable point, they are one.

Can we change the future ?

You can change the future by becoming a part of the present moment. We can become part of it by recognising yourself in the stillness of our soul, for this is when we exercise our expression of presence, the true essence of our being.

How can we become present ?

Exactly that, by becoming; not by thinking or by doing. Life is about becoming and we become that which we allow ourselves to become. If we dwell on the past, or dream of the future, we miss the now, the present. When our energy is present we are present in our truest expression.

What is the point in true expression?

The expression of truth is necessary in order that humanity may learn to evolve. The simplest lesson of this we have is the sweeping of dirt under the rug, for eventually one day it will not be hidden any longer and will need to be rectified.

There are many such examples of 'dirt' that have been swept under the 'rug' and ignored by the world for too long. Do we understand the true consequences of the atomic and hydrogen bombs? The true pollution caused by man purely for financial gain or the consequences of the many decades of oil being sucked out of the body of the Earth?

It is the same with ourselves. We sense what is right, but rarely do it, for most human beings in the western world are selfish ( they want for themselves), spoilt ( they want it right away) , greedy ( they want more) and lacking in focus, for their focus is wanting, which of course you can never have, because you can always imagine something else that you want.

When the focus is apparent, it appears to be financial gain, gloating over others misfortune, self importance, or our physical appearance. As if all these outer appearances constitute the true world. They do not, for they constitute a world lost in its own pleasure of self, a world where many are overlooked for the few, and where an approaching self created devastation lurks just around the corner.

Ignoring something for a long time escalates its inability to function correctly. Shutting our eyes to the present state of the world does not help alleviate the problem. Likewise ignoring the truth of our individual state of being creates dysfunction in the body-mind-spirit system.

Where the mind and spirit are ignored, the resulting action is animalistic and the resulting consequence is chaos.

Where the spirit is ignored the resulting action of the body and mind is overblown self value, a vain, confused, ignorant self centred being not aware of is true essence, out for all it can get for itself and its own. The resulting consequence is mental disorder, dysfunction and devastation.

When the spirit is recognised the resulting actions are those of love, patience, truth, understanding, peace, humbleness, loss of self, completeness, wholeness, purity and an open heart to all existence. The resulting consequence is the revelation of our true selves.

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