Thursday, November 1, 2007

There is no "I" in True Presence.

Imagine that the "I" you perceive as that which constitutes you does not exist, for that is the reality of being truly present. When we are truly present we realise that there is no"I", that we are all a reflection of the same presence in various guises. Being truly present, we no longer perceive consciousness as residing within the human body, but as a unified constant encompassing both physical and spiritual realities. So the more "me" or "I" that remains in our awareness, then the less present we actually are.

There is a dissolution of separateness whereby the universal consciousness cannot divide one part from another, for it is wholeness in action. There is a sensing that at some point of origin, all came into being from one point, as if everybody and everything is a resulting reality from the explosion of one pure primordial atom. We see that the mind provided the "I" as a conceptual boundary to provide one understanding of the reality of existence, but having now transcended the old workings of the mind, we have also transcended the "I" that associated it's uniqueness and existence from being separate.

It is this presence that reveals our true selves, our true nature. Presence itself can be said to be automatically functioning, in that it has no need for reflection of identity because it is whole, it is completeness. It acts through a perfectly natural process of divine love. It requires nothing in return, and expects nothing. It unifies through sharing and unconditionally giving love, joy, health and happiness to all being, human or otherwise. There is no logic followed, because logic is another conceptual boundary of the outdated mind. True presence is being in the flow of universal consciousness and therefore not comprehending anything other than the unified state of existence.
The "I" becomes left behind, an outgrown entity left behind in the wake of the ongoing progress of conscious evolution.

So to find yourself, you must truly let your self go

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