Sunday, November 11, 2007


By moving into the present moment, the 'hic et nunc', we become transformed into being. The old reality of the world of doing now appears pointlessly concerned with endless insignificance. So how then does this change help others? The answer is, that by altering our states of being we also transform our qualities. These qualities then come bursting back into the world because the greatest natural quality of the conscious intelligence behind life is to share with all. It is inclusive, denying none, accepting of everyone and everything. This 'spiritual state' then begins a natural process of feeding itself, of nourishing itself, and by doing so begins a process of transformation within others. This transformation is a reflection of the remembrance of our origins and is accepted by us on an individual basis, for when we need to see something, we will find it.

It is consciousness, and it is this awareness of consciousness that can change the world we live in. It does not belong to one person, but to all. It is not only a reality solely of the present day, but of times gone by and times to come, for it is eternal. The beauty of consciousness in it's purest state is that it not only no longer requires personal identification in the form of the "I", but also that it lies beyond the self-imposed boundaries of time and space.

"Humanity has time. Consciousness has eternity."

The more people that develop this consciousness, (what is referred to in the book as the awareness of One) the greater effect caused in the world. One day the spiritual state that transforms ourselves and others could lead to the creation of a truly physical Spiritual State. A united world no longer separated by countries or religions, where all people are truly equal, arriving at a time when humanity finally becomes consciously unified by awakening to true being.

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